days Bad days.


loading up a whole JCB bucket of firewood and returning for a cuppa,
I put the Stihl chainsaw in the rear bucket of the digger.

had to reverse out of the woods as it was still a bit wet from the
rain, so we were concentrating on steering out of the mud and not
watching the rear bucket.

we went over a small stream the JCB bounced and my Stihls saw fell
out the bucket and landed in front of the rear wheels! My heart
almost stopped as first, the rear wheels squished the saw in to the
mud then after it popped back up for air, the front wheels took their
turn to try and bury the saw deeper. Feeling a little apprehensive I
let the JCB carry on it’s way and walked to my now depressed saw…..

can just see in the pic the shape of the saw in the mud and the saw
after the JCB had done it’s worst.

So an
optimistic strip down and de-mud removing a deal of mud from the
exhaust port, but then to my total surprise …….


It started first time!

So I
thought Stihl should know how resilient I thought their saw’s were.
Got this reply



Kevin, this is amazing – thanks for sharing! Have you replaced the
chain cover yet? If not we’d like to send you one to say thanks for
sharing these amazing pics of what happened to your saw! Thanks Lara


In fact
Kevin, we’d like to send you some goodies to say thanks for sharing
this – everyone in the office loves the pics! So definitely give me
your address and we’ll pop some goodies in the post! Thanks, Lara


are the goodies I received.

good days / bad days!