The weather is now hotting up, and along with higher temps are Mosquitoes and we found at about 7pm out they came to have dinner with us. Not being organised for this we had to fashion a mosquito net across the sliding door so we could keep cool and not allow the mossies in. Soon the bikes in to Figueira da Foz and find a Haberdashery shop and buy 2 metres of Netting some Velcro and do some sewing.

Hung it up the next day and when mossie time arrives no mossies??

Perhaps we scared them off?

Anyway we found later where they had gone, during the night we can here Buzz Buzz and when you turn the light on they’re gone. But you have already been bitten.

They are all hiding in the Mossie screen fixed on the windows on the inside?

So try to find them all , put the net up early..

Sleep ….. Buzz Buzzz

Bitten again

So we think it’s time to head inland and see what Central Portugal has to offer.

A simple journey east across Portugal following the N109 first south then across on the now improved IC 9 to Tomar.

Staying just outside at Camping Pelinos Aboboreiras gps N39,38’17” W08,20’13”.

Tomar is a great town if you like the Knights Templar and it’s Templar Castle

We had lunch and a drink just in the Square below the Castle sitting in the shade (it’s 30 Deg C ) just for 9 euro’s a head.





This area has access to a great expanse of man made lakes over 40 km in length, with great river beaches, the temperature here as hotter than the coast, averaging 26 deg currently  but cool at night.