Figueira da Foz Licensed to fish

Figueira da Foz

We left a showery overcast Oliveria do Hospital, steadily going down and winding across to Coimbra, then on towards Figueira da Foz on the En17 then the En111.




We chose an Orbitur campsite (Orbitur Gala) for a little luxury, and a longer stay, we booked in for 3 nights which turned in to a week. They were just getting geared up for the season and some things such as the Shop, and pool were available to use. Still we were the only Camper there most of the time. A great thing about this site was the beach ( just a short walk out the back of the site). So not understanding what the term ment “Silver Coast” was all about I dashed out with cossie and towel.

The silver coast apparently, is the sea mist from the white horses on top of the frankly incessant enormous waves the break on the beach all day. We can hear this from the campsite like the drone of a motorway.

So not up to risking a good drowning, I think possibly fishing….

To fish from the Beach or Boat in Spain or Portugal you need a Licence.

If you have a Portuguese bank account it’s simple, just go to a Multi banko (cashpoint) and get one

or here




If you are still in England you can email to (address below)

saying you want a licence and you get a very nice reply like this..

Dear Sir

Regarding your request, we are sending you an attachment containing the proof of payment of the recreational fishing license, in pdf format.

In order to carry on the fishing activity in the authorized terms, you don’t need to carry the proof of payment with you. In case you are asked by the authorities you just have to present the identification document referred in the license.


And you fill in the PDF attach the relevant documentation, in my case a photo of my passport

and wait.

Again this lovely reply comes back

Dear Sir,

We accuse the receipt of your mail, which deserved our best attention.

In order for us to analyze your request, I request that you send us a scan of the proof of payment of the license , with our account number, type of license required and validity.

Best regards,

Jorge Garcez

Técnico Superior

which means they want a “copy of your bank statement” showing the payment and it’s details which I downloaded as a PDF and sent to them. It cost me about £17 quid for an 8 euro transfer to Portugal. Worth persevering with though for a years fishing.


Then you get a nice text on you phone to say it’s done with a ref No and a Doc you need to carry with you if you get asked by an official for the licence.



Being fully Licensed up I went fishing, nice day, too hot , caught nothing.