Pelinos the search for some where to settle.

Amanda & I have been so smitten with the surrounding area, with the mountains in the distance, the lakes, forests etc. we decide to look for property for sale. The remit we thought is simple, look for places which need some renovation from which we can do some sort of B&B or Holiday let.

Looking on the web we found a property company which had a good range of properties and had an English button so we could understand what was offered. So making contact was the next step, which was easy, just an Email with the properties we were interested in. The campsite owners were keen to help giving advice about the lakes although our area of interest was frowned upon for a good place to run a Holiday business.

We have a short list of things we needed one of which was a very great need to find a Portuguese Village which didn’t have a cacophony of barking dogs at night. You might think this a minor request but in essence if you want to get a nights sleep in some of the mountainous villages in Portugal you need to shoot some dogs.

I don’t know what the purpose of the dogs are in the properties in the Village of Pelinos or in the many other villages in and around the Mountains and Valleys, but for those who remember the Disney film 1001 dalmatians where the Dogs speak to each other over great distances at night, this is what happens but multiplied by 20 or more. With barked answers coming from 20 miles away across the Valley. Starts at about 11pm goes on till they get fed up or about 3 am. At first you get frustrated as to why nobody shuts them up, then you wonder if they are wild? Possibly… then you find yourself trying to interpret just what it is they are saying in the hope you can cure the problem and satisfy them all to get back to sleep…. I feel for the many Goat herders theat wonder around the mountains, with the Clank of the bells and their quite large wolf looking dogs who are a shock when you meet them but as long as you no threat to the heard seem docile enough. But to have this winding your dogs up all night, must be a bit of a trial.

Anyway enough digression, the short list

  • Enough land to grow the fantastic veg and fruit that’s available in Portugal
  • Enough rooms to do some sort of a Holiday Let
  • No Dogs

Got a response from PPP property and a days viewing arranged. The first up near Dornes, so to make life “easier” we decided to have the luxury of travel on the fantastic “Toll Roads”

It easy enough to do the pre-paid toll on the CCT website just enter the Reg and sign up and PAY…


Jesus, do you pay….

Just 2 short trips up and down the A13 about 40 km first then only about 10 km and we’re robbed of about 20 Euros? I know we are classed as a Mini bus but now I know why we saw only 4 ( no kidding) just 4 vehicles on the A13 on the first trip 10 am Wednesday morning on a 3 lane M way just us and 4 other muppets!

So Mrs Thomas set again to AVOID TOLLS!

The first property took some getting to after meeting the Agent in Avealr but we were quite impressed with it’s potential.