Looking for Dinero

Lazy days The Portuguese way…

We find leaving the current site near Oliveira do Hospital the site only takes Cash.

So it’s a Monday Morning, 10 am we have packed up and are told the cash machine is just 2 km away in a Petrol Station. Great we passed this one the way in so we know where it is so thinking, just 10 mins or so and we will be on our way again. Nada Dinero… Well lets do a Google for the next one then…. Multi Banco about 5 km away. So go there parks up and there’s a gaggle of Porto’s and one breaks out and comes over to shake my hand (everyone does this before speaking) and say’s Nada Dinero “Money All Gone” ! I’ts Monday and pensions day apparently so all the money has gone..?

So more intense Googling gets us to Oliveria do hospital, another 5 km drive including cobbles (you cant have enough cobbles apparently), and we find the Portuguese are doing some much needed (in my opinion) repairs to the road. Basically, it’s just dug up, a barrier across some of it suggesting perhaps you could drive along here now but we’re not recommending it… So I can see our goal beyond the excavations and think like a European, who seem to park anywhere they like and just get on with life. Parking on a roundabout by a Zebra crossing against the barrier saying go if you dare. I tiptoed through the piles of cobbles and sand up to the cash point (again in a garage) and this time struck lucky, with mucho dinero! Walking back I was astounded to see a learner driver being “taught” what to do when you came across road works. Drive around the barrier, weave around the piles of cobbles missing the deep pits for the sewers, bumping up the half made pavement and stopping to talk to someone with a shovel, then emerging triumphant from the barriers and back on the road again? I being British and reserved wouldn’t dare! Perhaps in a few months I’ll learn.

Anyway, we have now forgotten the purpose of this journey, and remember we were supposed to be paying the Campsite so back we go pay’s the money (it’s now gone 12 o clock) and set a course for the Coast.