Decisions Positive and Negative


Our site near Tomar was mostly in full sun, and the daily temps topped 35 Deg C in the Van although we have a sun reflector in the front window. So we decided to head for the coast where it should be cooler, and we realised it’s Easter weekend so we should get settled somewhere before the Easter rush. This ment a short trip on the IC9 to Nazare. When leaving the site nr Tomar we noticed a bit of a smell which we thought was due to the heat and was possibly the waste on the Camper so we made sure it was emptied, and resolved to flush it out when arriving in Nazare. We chose a site just outside the town with reasonable facilities and parked up. The smell after a while became a little more intense, even though it was certainly cooler here at the coast. We thought something may be in the cab that had gone off…. A thorough search revealed a totally black banana in the glove compartment. Great we thought just get rid of that and all will be well. But no? Still a faint smell of rotten eggs! We removed the carpets in the cab and cleaned them, but no still a smell. Gas we thought! So turned off the camper gas but still a smell. Resorting to Google Amanda says check the battery. It turns out we have 3 Batteries, one for the Engine and 2 for the Camper called Leisure Batteries. One of which is sitting at about 50 Deg C and gently cooking! It’s in a sensible place though right under the Driver’s seat. So in a bit of a rush I disconnected the Charger, removed the Drivers seat and un hooked the battery and placed it in a cool part of the pitch behind a tree. Checking every 10 mins to see if it was still cooking. Fortunately, it stopped and was cooling down. We waited until after the Easter Hols and found a Tyre place in  Nazare who sold us a new Leisure battery 120 Amp hour, for 135 Euros.