Busy the Portuguese Way

We have been a little busy in Tomar this last few weeks…

(The guy asleep is the Supervisor)

remembering our initial goal in going to Europe, we wanted to

  • Travel
  • Find a warmer climate
  • Experience new foods and cultures
  • Find a new business with less hours and more time for our selves.

We now think we can say all the above have almost been achieved! Time will tell but the foundation of our wish list is coming together.


We have been viewing properties with ppproperty in Portugal. We have a dedicated and very knowledgeable agent who using GPS gave us places to meet, and then taking us to the properties for the actual viewings. We met nr Cabaocs on the old N110 had our Coffee’s (less than 2 Euros for 3 Coffees), and travelled the 10 km to the first house.

We were spellbound!

A splendid Portuguese Manor with 3000 M sqd of land 2 out buildings Cellar and Garage, fruit trees Olive trees, Vines for wine (red and White).

We loved it, still old style Portuguese in side but potential for creating a home we could enjoy.

But we needed some sort of income? The outbuildings were there to be used as holiday lets but they were not quite what we had in mind, so pulling another one out the hat Malin our Agent said “ There’s another property across the road for sale as well!”

Things just got better…..

The other property we included in a separate sale but with the same owner.

This was a single story but long cottage with 3 defined areas but in need of renovation. It also had 3200 M Sqd of similar land with Cherry trees, Almonds, Vines and Olive.

So we have for us Utopia! Whats the cost we ask?

Malin loves doing her bit like ”A place in the Sun” and gives the asking price and we both go silent and contemplate…….

We have another property to view, but our hearts weren’t really in it just thinking of the first house and how we could make it work.

On the way back form viewing we finally said to Malin, “can we put in an offer”.

Malin got excited, as when selling to English she normally had to wait til they got home, then an offer came in after a few weeks! But we both knew this was for us.

So doing the “A place in the Sun” bit again, Malin rang the offer through and said it may take some time, so we had a drink sitting in the Sun waiting for news. Meanwhile she did all the Admin you need to do to buy a property, ID, Solicitors, Local building rules and Administration. There was no news so we parted ways and Amanda & I had to do a little shopping before returning to Tomar. In the Intermarche car park we had a response, the offer was refused, but a figure given they would like to achieve.

Now begins the negotiations….

We upped our offer by 500 Euros to see where we were. Again refused.

So we set a final figure, split the difference and tried again.

We got a response we weren’t expecting ……Wait.

There had to be some discussion from the owners side in the Family.

This took nearly a week!

We fortunately have found this idyllic Camper Stop in Tomar which is Free! But has no Electric, or hot water.

The site is managed by (and we do apologise profusely to both of the Campsite Managers but we couldn’t engage conversation as they only talked to the Portuguese and the French) Igor1 and Igor2. They made sure all the rules were adhered to and that the loos were locked up at 7pm the reopened at 8am the next morning.

In the loos are electric points for Shavers so here is where I could charge up my Hair Clippers and more importantly the Laptop as we have found the Camper can go for 4 days with out needing to charge the Batteries using the engine. We should have sorted out Solar panels for Destiny but coming from the UK solar isn’t something you think about. I have tried to order from Amazon a portable solar panel but have no address to deliver it to and cant seem to find any Drop points either…… So here I am sitting on the Loo writing this Amanda has just texted me to say the Police are outside the loo ! Am I all right?

Fortunately they are just passing the time of day with Igor2 but I will resume when more Laptop power is available.